Suggested itineraries

The itinerary, of course, depends on how many days you want to spend in this country. If I can give you an advice, I would suggest 3 weeks, as there is so many magical things to see. Don’t stress if it is too much time, because definitely you can have the best time with two weeks or even less.

3 weeks itinerary

Lusaka – Mfwue – Chingola – Livingstone – Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) – Chobe National Park (Botswana)

2 weeks itinerary

Lusaka – Mfwue – Livingstone – Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) – Chobe National Park (Botswana)

I know what you are thinking now, it looks like weird non sense words to you, but trust me, there is a reason. Check the activities in these towns and you will understand why you have to go through them!

The transport between towns/cities depends on your budget and, also, which is the spirit of the travel. I live spending time on the roads as you can have a wider image of the country and culture you are visiting. Although, if you don’t like long drives or don´t have a lot of time, and you can afford it, you can fly in and out.