Practical information

Money – Zambian Kwacha is the official currency of Zambia.  Euro, Pound and USD are all accepted for exchange.  Important tip for the USD it must be with a printed date 2013 or later.  A better exchange rate is given for higher denominations $100 & $50.  All notes must in good condition and not torn or scrunched up, as good a condition as possible.

Credit/debit cards – Before leaving your home country contact your bank and advise them that you will be traveling and to what countries, this will help avoid unnecessary stress of your cards not working at the ATM´s.  However this is not fail safe, always carry some cash with you and/or have a couple of different cards.  VISA is more widely available to withdraw from the banks and use in the larger supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. You will find ATMs easily around.

Visa – You are allowed to stay 3 months in Zambia as a tourist. But you have to go every month to Immigration and they will give you one month more, like this until 3 months in total. Be careful: there is a Business Visa that just allows you to stay 1 month in Zambia, so if you are planning to stay over 1 month check the stamp when you get in Zambia for first time, to make sure it is the Tourist Visa and not the Business Visa.

Vaccinations and malaria prevention – You don´t want your holiday or travels ruined by a dose of malaria, I had malaria so I know what I am talking about.  Visit your doctor before departing is a must especially for your malaria prevention medication.  I am not a fan of any kind of medication in general but I would recommend to take malaria prevention if you are coming to Zambia for a short time. Bring plenty of insect repellent and apply before dusk. If you are camping bring a mosquito net or they can be bought in the supermarket for around $15.

Power Adapters – throughout Zambia they use the UK 3 pin for the electrical outlets. However, some accommodation, also, have use the South African round pin.  Tip: a multi country travel adapter is an essential accessory, as too is a power board to be able to charge more than one item at a time.