Dog travel

Shopping Malls – Dogs are not allowed in the shopping malls nor the parking areas

Restaurants – Concerning restaurants, if they have terrace, you can always ask if they are allowed in that area, we were lucky most of the time and they said yes. For example at The Deli, in Lusaka

Walkies – Make sure that in rural areas your dog doesn’t go close to anybody as locals don’t usually have dogs as pets and are normally pretty scared

Boarding Kennel – If you need a boarding kennel in Zambia, we totally recommend The Dog Lodge in the capital, Lusaka. Gemma, the owner, makes the dogs feel at home and get very spoilt. Gemma spends time with them playing, walks in the bush, bike riding, … and you get constant video and photo updates, which is fantastic. We used The Dog Lodge once with Ginger and couldn’t be happier

Vet – If you need a vet during your stay in Zambia, as well as export – import permits, vet certificates, … we always go to Dr. Liza Oparaocha at the Showgrounds, in Lusaka. She is absolutely the best, fast and super professional

Accommodation –  It is not usual the dogs to be allowed, but we were lucky some places are. Note that these ones below are not the only ones where dogs are allowed, they are the places that we have stayed with Ginger

Lusaka Backpackers – it is the usual backpackers, cute and with a lot of people, but the dogs feel like home saying hi to everyone and lying on the couches. Keep in mind the gate is normally always open. Our favorite place to stay, with its sister backpackers, the one bellow
Wanderers Lodge – more for camping and overlanders with a large grassed surroundings, plus importantly the gate is usually kept closed. A great place to be with your doggy
Bongwe – a place we stayed once were staff are nice and dogs are allowed. Although, they use to have a lot of cats

Livingstone Backpackers – a little bit of grass, nice staff
Prana house tents – tents in the middle of the bush just 15 minutes outside of Livingstone town, a great place to be if you have your own car. At sunset, you will hear the lions roar and get to see a magical sunset

Katuba Guesthouse – it is a basic place but the staff are so nice, it has a large grassed yard and gardens, and dogs are allowed in the rooms

Flying out of Zambia – It depends on the country you are flying to know exactly what to do. We flew from Zambia to Barcelona and these points below were needed:

  1. Microchip
  2. Rabies shot
  3. Blood serum sample, which is sent to a laboratory in South Africa
  4. Receive the certificate from the laboratory, this takes approx 30 days
  5. If the results are ok, the dog will be fit to fly in 3 months
  6. Process export permit
  7. Veterinary Health-check Certificate
  8. In our case, because we where going to Spain, the Spanish form to get animals into the country
  9. Book the dog flight with the cargo company at the airport (Lusaka)
  10. Buy an IATA approved travel crate, drinking bottle and attachable food/water bowls

While it seems a daunting process, it does take time and patience but it is less than what it looks. All the process will take 4 months, so for planning keep that in mind. Dr. Liza Oparaocha makes the process much easier as she is very used to assisting with exporting dogs out and importing them too, so if you want to make it easier for yourself, go and see her. She will take control over it! 🙂

We flew with one of the most expensive airlines but the one recommended, Emirates Airlines, and we were highly impressed

Ging getting ready to fly at Lusaka Airport, Zambia

SPCAs – maybe while your stay in Zambia you see yourself in the situation of rescuing a dog. If this happens, contact the closest SPCA (see below) and they will be able to help you. You need the contact of the SPCAs.  Or maybe you just need some dog love ♥

Chingola SPCA
KAWS (Kitwe)
Ndola SPCA
LAWS (Lusaka)
LAPS (Livingstone)

Through the bush with our beloved friend’s dog, Tess, a Borebull