Are you thinking of going to Zambia but not sure if it is a good decision? Have you explored through Zambian travel guides but still don’t know if it is worth it? Well, here I am going to tell you how breathtaking and special Zambia is. A beautiful country with tons to offer! After almost two years traveling around Zambia, it still surprises me what a hidden destination it is for a lot of travelers who would generally choose more known African countries before Zambia.

After all our experience in this country I am going to share with you everything I would have loved to have known if I was coming to Zambia for the first time – the best places to visit, where to stay, where to eat, which activities are worth it, … there are some touristy things, plus tips that you won’t find in any tourist guide (because usually the person who writes the guide hasn’t spent as much time as us traveling around this country), but the most important, why you must plan a trip to Zambia!

Also, if you are planning to travel with your dog through Zambia you will find here all the information you need to know like which accommodation allows pets and other practical information.

Safe, still not too many tourists, magical activities and places to see, wonderful people, diversity of landscapes! Go on then… book that ticket!

See all what Zambia has to offer to you on the options below accompanied with photos all taken by us to help you get a feel for the country and see its natural beauty!


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Last time we were in Zambia: November 2017