The Dziko Project

Because you can make a big difference while traveling, we founded The Dziko Project, a non profit organization traveling all around the globe working to improve animal welfare, specially in dogs
∼ the health, safety and psychological wellness of the animals ∼

This project was born in Malawi in 2017 after seeing the terrible conditions and abuse dogs were living in while traveling through Africa. We met Tiger, a dog whose owner had a motorcycle accident and had to leave for a bigger town for medical care, but just abandoning Tiger on the beach. We spent 2 months gaining his trust until we were able to rescue him. This is how The Dziko Project started.

While traveling the world, we see so many situations which with just a little bit of help could be totally different. Our believe, making a difference everywhere we go.

Why Dziko? Dziko was the other Malawian dog, with Tiger, who stole our heart and made us understand what a wild and free African dog is like. And, funny, Dziko also means “wild” in Chichewa, a Malawian language.

At a local school in Livingstone, Zambia, talking to the kids about empathy and animals

After a lot of effort and team work we are organizing a first mass dog campaign in Northern Zambia that will provide FREE sterilizations and vaccinations to dogs and cats, as well as an educational program to the communities. We can’t be more proud and happy to be actually doing such a BIG difference.

Click on the photo below to know everything about the campaign and how to help or go straight to our Gofundme page!