Ava, Barcelona, Spain

Ava was born 7 years ago in a village in the south of Spain. She was separated from her mother just after birth with her sister. Still with their eyes closed and with the umbilical cord still attached, they put the two little puppies in a taped box to make sure the sad end and threw them at the side of a road. Someone saw the taped box and thought it was weird, or maybe a lost parcel, but when they opened it had the biggest surprise. Unfortunately the rescuers couldn’t give them a home but found a lady who agreed to having them in her garden. That seemed a good idea but ended with the puppies alone, with adult dog food and no love. Thanks to the rescue center Apa Pupetc Centre and Paqui, Ava had the best foster home, so loved so spoilt.

Seven years ago we saw her on the internet, she was 4 months old. We fell in love and Ava became part of our crazy  dog family.

Ava is still a very anxious and unsure dog. She gets really scared with any noise like gusty winds. Despite her having the worst start to life a dog can have, with the family Ava is always looking for cuddles and being close to whatever you are doing. She has a really beautiful and special little spirit.

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Ava nació en un pequeño pueblo en el sur de España hace 7 años. Solo nacer, junto con su hermana,  fue separada de su madre. Aun tenian el cordón umbilical y los ojos cerrados cuando puesieron a las dos pequeñas en una caja. Embalaron la caja para asegurarse que no saldrían y la tiraron a la cuneta de una carretera. Alguien vio la caja y pensó que era extraño, o quizás un paquete extraviado, la cogió, la abrió y se llevo la más grandes de las sorpresas. La persona que las encontró no se las podía quedar pero se encontró una señora que aceptó tenerlas en su jardín. Parecía una buena idea antes de llevarlas a la perrera siendo tan pequeñas, pero acabó con las pequeñas solas, comiendo pienso para perros adultos y sin ningún cariño. Gracias a  Apa Pupetc Centre y Paqui las rescataron y Ava tuvo la mejor de las casas de acogida. Querida y mimada hasta el infinito.

Siete años atrás la vimos en internet, tenia 4 meses. Nos enamoró en un solo instante y así entró en nuestra loca familia perruna.

Ava es aun ansiosa y muy desconfiada. Se asusta de casi todo hasta de los ruidos. Aunque tuvo el peor principio que un perro puede tener, es cariñosa y siempre buscando atención con su familia. Es una pequeña alma muy especial.

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Beautiful and special · Nikon
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On a rainy day · Yashica FX3
Looking foxy during a big hiking day · Nikon
She loves cuddles in bed · Yashica FX3
Everything is ok, Ula is her best buddy, just playing · iphone
Beautiful Ava · Yashica FX3
Of course, with Ula · Nikon
She is special · Nikon
She loves being wild, never too far · Nikon
Having a special moment at the top · Nikon

Ula, Barcelona, Spain

She is Ula, my sweet baby. She will always be whatever age she is. I took this pic when she was a puppy 4 years ago. As almost all the hunting dogs, she has a sad story. From the south of Spain, separated from her mum just being born and left her with her brothers and sisters for the kids of the family to play as a toy. All of them died from being abused, but not Ula, she is a strong soul. They abandoned her in the bush in winter just as a puppy, alone. She screamed and screamed until a lady who worked for a hunting rescue dogs centre patrolling the zone heard Ula’s cries and rescued her. I adopted her in November 4 years ago. All I saw was a little tiny dog so skinny with huge ears. She had pneumonia, ears infection, and no control of the temperature of her body. I used to carry her everywhere in my little dog carrier and I had to check her temperature every half an hour. Given her bad health condition the vet couldn’t vaccinate her until she was 7 months old, so that means that until then I carried her everywhere I went.

Wherever we are, sometimes, she just wants to be in my arms. She is such special dog! And she loves looking into people’s eyes.

My baby! I changed her life and she changed mine!

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Still a puppy and ill, she wasn’t able to be on the ground until she was 7 months old · Yashica FX3
Having cuddles in bed · Nikon
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Feeling wild · Yashica FX3
Sweet eyes · Nikon
Having fun with one of her best buddies Terra · Nikon
She loves food by the way · Yashica FX3
Always close · iphone
No rules at home · iphone