Chitenge Tote Bags


Through our travels around Africa spending time at the local markets is a total must and the thing that catches your eyes at first sight are the traditional African fabrics, called chitenge in Zambia. These beautiful and colorful fabrics are 2 meters long and are used by absolutely every woman for anything and everything: carrying the children, food, wear it as a skirt, or having it in the bag just in case…

After years in Africa, we have chosen the most special chitenge designs over thousands of them, coming from countries as Zambia, Tanzania, Congo and Nigeria among others, to make a unique Collection of Bandanas and Tote Bags.

Why are they unique? From each design of chitenge there is just ONE tote bag meaning that there are no 2 tote bags the same in the world. Special and unique and hand-made by us just for you.

Tote bags make life much easier and are perfect as a handbag, environmentally friendly to avoid plastic bags when shopping (did you know a plastic bag can take 100´s of years to break down?), use as a beach bag, as a hiking bag, or as an everyday bag and so light, yet strong.





Measurements  Width 34cm / 13.40″ ♦ Length 39cm / 15.35″ ♦ Handles 33cm / 12.99″

The size of each tote bag is 20€ / $23 USD

Choose your favorite design and send us an email to or a DM on Instagram (


The majority of our chitenges are 100% cotton, although, a few of them (3 designs) have a % of nylon in the composition. Click on the different designs to know the composition.

Care instructions

Some of the chitenges are sold with a wax layer on top to protect them but don’t worry, it disappears after the first wash. We highly recommend hand-washing our bandanas and tote bags with cold water and mild detergent.

Process and shipping

Approximately 2 business days to process the order.

All items will be shipped from Spain as express post with no tracking. The post prices depends on the total weight of the package.

Shipping prices of one tote bag:

Spain 4€

Europe 6€

International 7€ / $8 USD