Zeus, Zambia

Zeus is 3 years old and lives in a chimpanzee sanctuary, Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust, in Northern Zambia. But he has never been there, when he was a puppy he was in a little rural village, at 1h by car from the sanctuary, called Mushinshi. Zeus was a present with another dog, Zu, from the mayor of Mushinshi to the General Manager of the sanctuary, Innocent, 3 years ago. Zeus was tinny and scared of everything, shaking all the time he used to hide under a container.

Now, Zeus, is a brave dog and it is difficult to imagine him as an afraid puppy. He enjoys his life running on the floodplains, chasing chickens, getting tons of cuddles from the workers and volunteers and, of course, sleeping on the bed when there is the opportunity. I don’t know if you see it but, I see something really special in his eyes.

 Zeus, Chimfunshi, Zambia


The water dog
With his beloved chair
Zeus and Skinny on the floodplain



Resting after the morning run to the river

Author: SOL

Nomad with my rescued Zambian dog living in a Landcruiser"98