Opis and Mori – Mission Rescue

I left Barcelona with my three dogs to a little mountain village over 500km away in La Rioja, the North of Spain, to have some quality time together. To be wild. To lose ourselves on those mountains. That was the end of March this year (2018). Continue reading “Opis and Mori – Mission Rescue”

He is my one and only, Pauli, the Croatian dog by Lara-Andrea Beck

Adopting a dog should always be a well-planned and thought-through process, well… at least in theory. This is the story of how I adopted my dog Pauli from Croatia. Let’s start from the very beginning: Continue reading “He is my one and only, Pauli, the Croatian dog by Lara-Andrea Beck”

From the mountains of Anguiano

I put what I thought we were going to need me and the dogs (Ula, Joy and Ging) for a week in my backpack and left Barcelona to a little mountain village in the north of Spain called Anguiano. I planned to be around a week there as I had never been there by myself and, to be honest, no one thought I could survive any longer either. That was at the end of March, so we have been over a month and a half! Crazy hey!

Continue reading “From the mountains of Anguiano”