The 10 photos from our Arctic route

Ten photos, ten moments I see when I close my eyes and let the Norway adventure invade my thoughts.

#1 Magic from the top of Tromso, the Arctic capital in Norway
It was so cold and the clouds started appearing. “What a shame, we won’t see anything” I thought. But I forgot how low were the clouds all the time in Norway. First it appeared a tiny little band crossing the sky, that little that you wander if it is just something of your sight. In question of seconds the sky lit up, the aurora danced, the biggest I have ever seen, the light on the clouds, reflections of the city underneath. I have no words to explain what I felt and what I still feel remembering that moment. And then a plane arrived to land into Tromso Airport. Do you think the people traveling in it felt as special as I did?

#2 Sunrise
It was a specially cold night the one we had. We slept in an open, quite high in altitude and the temperatures dropped over night. We were in the middle of nowhere, by a little lake. My eyes open before 6am and all I remember was the orange light of the sunrise getting through the camper van window. I don’t like closing them during night time. I have always hated early mornings, but I didn’t even think it. I got up, put my boots on, everything warm I found, got my camera and left the camper van. Ginger had been keeping an eye on me and as soon I started getting ready she got out of bed and sat in front of the camper’s door. What happened afterwards on that sunrise will always live between Ginger and I. Pure magic.

#3 Sunset on arctic waters
I don’t know what I had in mind but definitely white sand beaches weren’t. Solitude, beautiful during day light, with hundreds of cormorants, and crazy at night time with northern lights. In between, it was like this. I remember every sunset we spent in this beach. We even left and decided to come back, too much beauty.

#4 Reindeers, the nomads
Never seen a reindeer before and honestly didn’t think they were going to stick that deep in me. As soon as we arrived I started reading about them and I couldn’t stop surprising myself. Reindeers are incredible tough animals, living in incredible extreme conditions. They are the only deer that have pregnancies in winter and also the only deer that females grow antlers too. When the males shed their antlers in winter, the females will have the highest position on the hierarchy. So many animals are closed to our communities, like deers for example, which we don’t really know much about them but don’t expect much either. On the other hand, there are the animals which raise love and passion, for being rare, or exotic, … Well, the Norway camper trip was a very good lesson on this matter too. The things you have close by, sometimes even ordinary, are absolutely exceptional.

#5 Ginger and the northern lights
That is it, the photo. The photo that shows and demonstrates that all dreams can come true. They just depend of you and how big you want to dream.
Ginger over the lights of Tromso, the clouds and the northern lights.

#6 Magic of Reine, Lofoten Islands
The place to go find me if I ever disappear. I don’t think I have never been in a more magical place than the Lofoten Islands, and specially Reine.

#7 Cold, wet, grey and windy
A perfect graphic description of our journey.

#8 The green lady
You know what they say about them, “If you want to catch northern lights the first thing to do is not to chase them”. How true this is, and not just with northern lights, with everything in life. When we arrived to Arctic lands we knew that was the moment to see northern lights, what a pressure. You can’t sleep and keep looking through the window if there is anything out there. You never know when they are going to appear. Most of the times I fell asleep and sure there were the most amazing ones. Until one day when you relax, and enjoy every second, find a good location for auroras but don’t care anymore. And then, that day, is when this magic happened.

#9 Changing season
Blue turquoise waters, waterfalls everywhere and mountains that stand like giant walls. The colorful autumn trees started to loose their leaves as soon we arrived into Norway. Driving from south to north gave us an incredible view of the changing season on all different landscapes. Everyday was different.

#10 The cabin
Here, by itself, stand this old cabin by the Arctic waters ready for the next herring season. It keeps amazing me how can someone live in these conditions. Mediterranian born, I can’t imagine a life with almost no sun.

As always you get out of your comfort zone you struggle. But you also grow. Just have to keep yours close and never forget a big smile.

Author: SOL

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