Our first dog campaign is here! Where? Zambia

I can not be more excited and happy finally sharing with all you this project. Tons of work, infinite emails, headaches, …. but finally is here.

Our first dog campaign in Northern Zambia. A campaign that will provide FREE vaccinations, sterilizations to the dogs (and cats) and education for the community. Something totally new in Northern Zambia, specially in Chingola and the rural surrounding areas. Can you imagine?

To be able to reach our goal we have two amazing partners, Brott, an awesome brand which creates and designs beautiful dog collar and leashes, all handmade in Barcelona; and Bettina Brotons, the best Graphic Designer we could think of. So honored to have them by our side making a difference in Zambia.

Why is it a different campaign? Because for any donation over $25 you will get an unique and limited reward. A key ring, collar or-and leash (depending of the donation amount) handmade my Brott with African fabriques we bought during our travels. How amazing is that?! So, for example, let’s say that you donate $50, you will receive with postage include (wherever the world you are, YES! you have heard right!) a dog collar of the unique and limited African Collection. You can choose the model and the size. And Brott will handmade it for you!

You will find all the information if you click at our The Dziko Project page or you can go to our GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe Page ♥

Donate and share with all you family and friends! Let’s all make a difference!

Author: SOL

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