Gingy Mou, from security dog in Zambia to happy world traveler

Gingy Mou, as you know, was born in the Zambian bush and was a security dog for a borehole company that wasn’t a very nice place (her sister had been beaten to death). She was very scared all the time and used to hide under the cars on the property.  The place she was meant to protect was located on the main highway and truck route and they used to keep their gates fully open, so, again, not the greatest situation.

I met Ginger in 2015 when I went to do my Master Thesis in Primatology to a chimpanzee sanctuary in the North of Zambia. I loved her from first day. She was different. Shy, sweet, gentle,… She even started to come with me to see the chimps. I used to joke about her being my assistant 🙂  Sadly, as there were too many dogs on the property some had to be relocated and Ging and her sister Flora were taken away.

Ging and I in 2015 at the chimpanzee sanctuary

One day, in April, while our travels through Zambia and close to going to Malawi, we knew her situation and it broke my heart. It was extremely sad to know that the sweet dog I met a year ago was living in those conditions. But hey, I could do something, so we made a decision and we took her out of that place the 24th of April of 2017.

I remember keep looking through the review mirror in the car …  Was it real?

Ginger’s rescue -this photo makes my heart wrench-

Ginger went from a security dog in Zambia to a world traveler in one day. Do you see how crazy this is? Did she know how lucky she was? Clearly not, as she was so scared even of us. She spent weeks just focused on finding cars and trucks and hiding under them. She needed more than a month to be close to the happy special dog I met in 2015.

We really didn’t think about getting Ginger, it was our heart who made that decision. I would do it again for sure, but I would never recommend it to anyone who is traveling full time and through Africa as we are. Dogs make your life extremely difficult and please don’t get me wrong. You will cry, and get frustrated, and get terribly sick and you will have to find first a place to leave the dog and second a hospital for you, have problems with the local people because of their fear, need to get out of the country but not possible because her papers are not ready, to smuggle her through African borders, protecting her of not being attacked or eaten by wild baboons, you won’t be allowed to any national park (you will have to hide her under your own responsibility, once they threatened to shoot her -) and I could keep telling 1000 more things that happened to us …. So yes, sometimes, is extremely difficult, close to nightmare difficult.

Hiking up Mt Mulanje, Malawi

But, when everything goes ok (that is almost never) then I don’t have words to explain what I feel. INCREDIBLE. The happiest of happy realizing how lucky we are of traveling through beautiful places and, both, collecting the same experiences together. Then is when I realize how lucky I am, hope she does the same.

I still can not believe she was a security dog, a dog who never barks, a dog so scared of everything, a dog who just wants love, and I am so happy to have been able to make a difference for her. 

In a friend house in Livingstone, Zambia – Ging’s first time

Ginger is now a world traveler. We have been in Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Through our African travels, I always got the same message from people “What are you going to do with Ginger when you leave Africa?”  We couldn´t find a 100% safe and loving place to leave her for a few months, so there was no decision to make, she was coming to Barcelona despite the idea of putting her in a crate for almost 30h flight and lay overs worried me too much (secret: I cried at the take off).

Ginger getting ready to get on the flight with Emirates at Lusaka Airport, Zambia

We have just arrived in Barcelona, Spain, to spend Christmas with my family and stay some months to prepare for our next adventures. Can you guess who is doing great? Gingy Mou is! The African-bush dog is now in a big city, full of lights, noises, people, … and she loves it. Gingy loves to smell every dog, as there are no dogs walking happily on the Zambian streets, get cuddles from random people when she walks by them, she met my other dogs who magically integrated her into the pack the same day she arrived home…

Ginger is really trying her best, like knowing the unique chance she had, because, how many African security dogs become world travelers full of love?

We have been in National Parks, trekked mountains, seen wild elephants through the window, heard lions roar on our walkies, paddle boarding in lakes, seen chimpanzees, been in boats, rescued dogs in need, taught kids in local schools how to treat dogs,…. and this is just the beginning.

Ging looking at the wild elephants through the window of our home, the Land Cruiser in Livingstone, Zambia

I am happy when I look at her eyes and I can feel it in my stomach. I am happy to have made a difference that day. Happy to have not thought of myself, or how difficult and expensive it was going to be to travel with Ging. Happy of just having one thought, knowing what was going to be her sad fate if we didn’t rescue her.

At the African sunset

We are going to stay in Barcelona preparing our next crazy year, and I know it is difficult, but it is going to be even better. Why? Because we are working on some little projects to make a difference for other Zambian dogs who are not as lucky as Gingy Mou ♥ And that makes us extremely HAPPY!!! Can’t wait to tell you but you will have to wait until every thing is properly arranged!

Gingy Mou in Barcelona

“As wild and free as we can and making a difference every where we are”

Our crazy journey also

Celebrating 1 month malaria free in Cape Maclear, Malawi
On top of the rapid 7 of Victoria Falls, Zambia
Over 3000m at Mt Mulanje, Malawi
Ging and I in our house, the Land Cruiser, Malawi
Ging between wild flowers in Mt Mulanje
At a local school in Zambia, Baobuyu Learning Center with Ging teaching the kids
Gingy Mou in our house, Zambia
Driving through a floodplain in Zambia
Down Rapid 7 of Victoria Falls, Zambia
Good morning kisses – Malawi
Our kind of walkies, Zambia
Ging and I in Lake Malawi, Malawi
Ginger looking at the Christmas’ lights lit up for the first time of winter season
Ging get love from a random person in Barcelona’s street
Ging with Ula and Joy, the best photo ever!!

If you are still not bored of Gingy Mou and want to see more photos → More Ging Dose 🙂

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