Ginger in the newspaper!

Last week we received an email from La Vanguardia, a Spanish newspaper, being interested in our crazy adventure. They had a block on this Saturday’s edition about travelers and thought that Ginger & I story could be the interest of someone! I know, super crazy!

I answered the questions they emailed us such as: how did you decide to go travel, which was the worst and better experience, … It took me a little bit of time to answer as I had to really think some of them.  We are always on the go and not with a lot of time for thinking.

I thought it was going to be something little, somewhere lost in the newspaper, but Saturday morning I received the photo from Spain, there we were, Ging & I on the paddle board on Lake Malawi being the head photo of the page and then our story 🙂

I still can not believe it!

Thanks La Vanguardia to share our adventure, and most importantly, to share the idea that you are never too young or too old or too whatever to not do what you really WANT to do.

♥ You can read it here! ♥ (if you understand Spanish 😉


Author: SOL

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