A little bit of love

She came to die on our door step. She came to die with love.

Yesterday as we were going for a beach walk we found a little kitten sleeping on our door step.

She looked similar to another kitten we have been seing lately, but sadly, it wasn’t. This one was just skin and bones and a very bad eye infection. She was dying.

There was no longer a beach walk, all our efforts were to keep this little one alive.

They told us that she lives in a little shop in the village and she sleeps on the desk the whole time. I remember seeing a white and black fur ball some weeks ago when I went to buy some waters.

She was like 2 months old and not more than 400gr. Her waist was no bigger than 2 of my little fingers together.

We fed her smashed rice, chicken and cat food with warm water using a dropper as we didn’t have any syringe. Feeding her was a mission as she seemed to have lost her sense of smell and didn’t want to open her mouth, she just laid as if she  passed out.

With the food we put it some antibiotic for the eyes infectionand hoped this would help her.

We cleaned her eyes and we fed her every hour until mid night when we let her sleep.

We didn’t think she was gonna make it so this morning we were not expecting a lot. But she was alive and meowing.

We heated up her food and started the 1h feeding again.

She ate the smallest amount and lied down on the blanket. I picked her up and laid in bed as it was close to 6 am.

After 20min she died cuddled up in my arms. I didn’t even notice. She just stopped breathing, stopped fighting. She didn’t say anything, she surrended. When I was gonna check her breathing she was just not there anymore.

So frustrated. So horrible.

I thought to go to the shop and showing her owner where his irresponsibilty  had led the cat. But for what? He saw the cat dying day after day, and did nothing, maybe he didn’t even notice she wasn’t ok. He or anybody. They let her die on their table. And my question always is, WHY? Why is there no sign of empathy? Just for animals or humans too? Is the lack of empathy useful where the existence is very difficult to everybody? Or it is the lack of education? Would it be different if they knew they have feelings and personality?

She came to die on our door step. She came to die with love.

∞  ∞  ∞

Author: SOL

Nomad with my rescued Zambian dog living in a Landcruiser"98