Travel with your dog to Malawi? YES!

Have you ever thought about traveling with your dog to Malawi?

Do you think it is really difficult?

It´s not, let me explain how.

When I rescued Ginger everybody said to me ¨it will be very difficult to cross African borders with her¨, every time I heard this my heart sunk more and more. Reality = on the 26th April Ginger and I crossed the border from Zambia to Malawi with absolutely no problems from the border control, in fact they didn´t even notice that I had a dog 🙂 hahaha. But in case you are not brave enough to risk it, these are the official steps we made:

    1. Export Permit of the country you are leaving. Any vet is able to do this, however if you are in Zambia I highly recommend the amazing Dr. Liza Oparaochoa from Lusaka (Show grounds vet clinic). Cost around $135.
    2. Import Permit to the country you are going to. You need to find a contact in the country who can act on your behalf and submit the papers for the permit, this has to be done in person, hence needing a representative in country. If you are traveling to Malawi, I recommend the Lilongwe SPCA, they are absolutely wonderful and really fast. Cost around $28.
    3. Your dog has to be vaccinated of Rabies between 30 days and 12 months of entry.
    4. Veterinary Certificate not before 14 days before travel and better if it is done by a state vet.

This is all you need!

When you are at the border you don’t have to pay anything, but like we experienced, maybe they try it. As soon as I said to the Zambian Border Police I had a dog with all her papers he said ¨ok, give me $200 for the taxes¨. Um, what taxes? Don’t pay absolutely anything and keep handy the phone number of your vet who processed the permits in case you need it. When we arrived to the Malawian Border Control, I didn’t say anything about Ginger and they didn’t notice she was in the car.

If you are thinking visiting Malawi with your dog, whether it is for a holiday or for work, I totally say YES! You and your dog can enjoy a lot of activities together as Ginger and I do, like: hike Mt. Mulanje, hike Zomba Plateau, stay at Lake Malawi and enjoy the sunsets, take a boat to the islands to snorkel (it is illegal but I always take Ginger), as do others.

Come and explore the warm heart of Africa with your dog!

∞  ∞  ∞

P.S. These are some of the papers we had to do for Ginger. Not all the pages are here. And notice some data was blurred for protection.


Author: SOL

Nomad with my rescued Zambian dog living in a Landcruiser"98

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