The adventure begins!

This is Spain!  And here I am with one of my beautiful kids, Joy. That’s where we are now getting ready for the new adventure. I have been exploring the mountains of a tiny  village of La Rioja, Spain, called Anguiano,  enjoying some special time with the kids Ula and Joy before I go. Traveling for a year with nothing else than a backpack and of course my cameras, searching for the beauty of nature and animals! Anything that makes my heart feel. And given my crazy love for dogs, I have an idea, to photograph the dogs of the world! Tiny ones, big ones, the ones who live on the street or in beautiful houses … all of them! I have loved dogs since I can remember and their stories need to be told!

If you want to see the world and its animals through my eyes follow my journey!

Joy, Ava and I close to the top
Joy, Ula and I enjoying the views
Joy and I so happy
Views for New Years Eve
Ava and I on our way to the top

Author: SOL

Nomad with my rescued Zambian dog living in a Landcruiser"98

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